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Promotional writing
4 Tips to Powerful Promotional Writing

4 Tips to Powerful Promotional Writing

The key to delivering your message powerfully demands mastering both the creative and mechanical aspects of promotional writing.
Presentation is paramount. A striking design coupled with persuasive content makes for a winning combination.

• Use simple images: display the product or service
• Create connection: play on existing stereotypes
• Sell the benefits: how will it make them look, feel or act
• Snappy headlines: informative, heart strings, questions or “hook”
• Engaging copy: interesting, informative, humorous or emotional


Step 1:

Capture the reader’s attention with snappy headlines and visual images.
Ensure your product is displayed in a visual format if possible.

Step 2:

Create interest by drawing them in. Provide information, promise results or present a solution to a problem.

Step 3:

Generate desire by playing on their emotions.

Step 4:

Outline easy steps to achieve desired result.

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