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The key to delivering your message powerfully demands mastering both the creative and mechanical aspects of promotional writing.
Presentation is paramount. A striking design coupled with persuasive content makes for a winning combination.

• Use simple images: display the product or service
• Create connection: play on existing stereotypes
• Sell the benefits: how will it make them look, feel or act
• Snappy headlines: informative, heart strings, questions or “hook”
• Engaging copy: interesting, informative, humorous or emotional


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The idea of launching a new website live is an exciting prospects for many businesses.

It looks great with lots of flashy images, bright colours and eye-catching designs.

Only closer inspection often reveals that the content does not do justice to the product or service being offered.

Unfortunately, the same amount of time, money and energy has not been invested in selling key messages to prospective clients.

Failing to publish persuasive website content detracts from the overall product.

Take that extra time or seek professional advice on how to write powerful website content to ensure your maximising the opportunities afforded by a website.

Click here for some handy hints on how to write effective website content.

Sending clients thank you letters builds loyalty

Sending clients thank you letters builds loyalty

The lost art of writing thank you letters is a powerful tool in building business relationships and, unlike most business letters, favours personal over professional every time.

Hand write the letter if possible but otherwise avoid sending a template letter as it defeats the purpose of saying thank you in the first place.

Write clients letters to express gratitude for closing a new deal, loyal custom or for any referral they may have sent your way. It also pays to acknowledge people for any mentoring or guidance they may have provided or even for the opportunity to present a business proposal to them despite never securing a deal or contract.

Planting seeds for future business.

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Improving your business writing skills involves going back to basics. Mastering the art of persuasive writing means being able to craft a strong sentence. Where you place words, as the natural building blocks of writing, determines the effectiveness of a sentence.

Direct or “active” speech is the most powerful way to write a sentence. Unfortunately many people fall into the trap of writing extremely passively which generally uses too many words and kills sentence flow.

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