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Professional website content

Professional website content

It is just as important to invest time in structuring your website content as it is in designing how it looks.

Creating an intuitive site that anticipates where a visitor is likely to source relevant information is critical to retaining their attention.

The easier is it to locate the specific information they seek, the greater the chance they’ll stick around.

Most website developers provide a wire-frame – or basic blueprint – of your website detailing the main pages. Like building a house, use the sitemap as a starting point before modifying to meet your specific taste.

The majority of websites follow a basic formula to attract visitors. Here are the general points:

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Most people groan where they see junk mail bursting out of their letterbox. Many are resigned to its presence given the prominent streetfront location of mail boxes. That does not mean, however, the promotional material is opened, much less read or becomes the inspiration for their next shopping spree.

Mild irritation can give away to downright resentment if people find their emails invaded by unsolicited promotional material as it is considered a much more private communication sphere.

Newsletters are one effective means of communicating with clients on a regular basis. However it must always be an opt-in service. By volunteering their contact details subscribers are consenting to receiving your material.

Never sign people up without their expressed permission. Otherwise you risk damaging your business if the people are bemused by your presumptive actions. Also, if people sign up themselves then there is a much higher chance they will real the newsletter.

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Writing GAPS?

My dream is to rid the world of the misplaced apostrophe, put punctuation in its place and give spelling the royal treatment (the UK rather than US variety).

My passion is to take the mystery out of writing and make it accessible to people eager to discover the joys of mastering the art of writing.

My mission is teach those who feel left out, left behind or simply left bewildered by the complexities of the English language.

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Grammar, punctuation and spelling are the fundamentals of writing. They are the tools that make your sentences run smoothly and your writing sing to your audience.

After more than three decades in the wilderness, literacy is enjoying a renaissance amid governmental and industry concerns about deteriorating writing standards among younger people.

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Writing cover letters for job applications

Writing cover letters for job applications

While there remains little doubt you are the right candidate for the advertised position. But your first job is to sound convincing on paper.
Writing a great cover letter is critical to getting employers to read your resume and selection criteria, much less securing an interview.

A powerful cover letter sums up your key attributes, skills and experience in a nutshell form and outlines your suitability for the job.

As with all things, there are brick bats to avoid and bouquets to strive for when writing your cover letter.

Consider the following ten steps when writing a professional cover letter.

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