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Business writing
Simple business writing tips

Simple business writing tips

Simple writing techniques to improve business emails.

Simple writing techniques to improve business emails.

Many businesses and organisations fall in to the trap of believing they need to use “big” words to impress their clients or customers.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to writing. It is important to match the language to the communication platform as well as the target audience.

Simply put, how your write a business email to a client will differ greatly to the language you use when drafting an annual report or submitting a proposal to the company board.

The key to effective email writing is to adopt simple words that reflects everyday conversation rather than dry academic language.

Use more 4-letter verbs!

Instead of “informing” your clients “tell” them.

Swap “discover” for “find”.

Rather than “provide” just “give” them information.

And here’s a few handy 3-letter words that can be put to good use.

Use “use” instead of “utilise” ( a personal pet peeve!)

Drop “capacity” because you “can”.

“Try” finding another word for “endeavour”.

At the end of the day, straight talk is the key to effective business writing skills.

“Enjoy” or rather just have “fun” with it!

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