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Don't bury the treasure

Don’t bury the treasure

Too often people bury the good stuff when they write.

As a copywriter, I often feel like a miner forced to bore down into the centre of the earth to find the gold. I always find it, it just becomes a question of how long it takes and much work I must do to drag the treasure back up to the surface.
Readers will not be as determined… for let’s face it they are not being paid to dig. The deeper you bury your message the less likely it will be discovered.

The key to getting your point across is to tell a story rather than story tell. Get to the main point at the surface and give them opportunity to decide if they want to explore further. That way they are engaged from the outset and if they’re keen to seek more they will do so. There is nothing worse than promising a gold rush and delivering lumps of coal.
All you’ll be left with is an abandoned mine…

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