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Grammar Punctuation & Spelling
Got Grammar?

Got Grammar?

Writing GAPS?

My dream is to rid the world of the misplaced apostrophe, put punctuation in its place and give spelling the royal treatment (the UK rather than US variety).

My passion is to take the mystery out of writing and make it accessible to people eager to discover the joys of mastering the art of writing.

My mission is teach those who feel left out, left behind or simply left bewildered by the complexities of the English language.

Why is literacy important?

Literacy is the art of communicating your ideas in clear written expression by removing any road blocks that may distract from your message or create confusion in the reader’s mind.

Writing is the bridge that connects the writer to their audience and literacy is the solid foundation cementing that relationship.

A reported decline in literacy standards in the past few decades has given birth to a renewed interest in learning the fundamentals of writing. The pendulum appears to have swung too far in favour of ideas at the expense of nuts and bolts learning. GAPS Learning aims to restore some equilibrium between the mechanics and the creativity of the writing process.

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