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Business writing
How to structure business reports and proposals

How to structure business reports and proposals

Email writing format

How to structure professional business reports

Structuring your business documents by applying the easy-to-follow AEIOU format.

Many professionals are brimming with ideas and knowledge in their area of expertise but struggle to present their key messages in a coherent form.

Whether vying for a tender, submitting a business proposal or creating a marketing campaign, structuring your arguments in a clear logical pattern is critical if you want the reader to follow your lead.

The AEIOU formula ensures the central message takes centre stage in every business document which is not only well presented but mounts a convincing argument.

Attract Layout/ design
Font style; line spacing; word length
Letterhead and graphics
Page and margin alignment

Engage Captivating introductory paragraph
Secure interest at a glance by immediately identifying the relevance to the reader.

Upgrading staff skills in effective business communications is critical to presenting a professional image to key stakeholders and other relevant statutory and government bodies.

Leading companies recognise the importance of…

Responsible managers can no longer afford to ignore…

>Idea Supply relevant background information
Identify key features and benefits of products/ services offered by your business/ organisation that directly links to the opening sentence.

We offer comprehensive retail packages tailored to reduce costs to running your business. We specialise in….

>Offer Provide solution
Offer a recommendation designed to alleviate the problem or issue raised.

Our new (product name) package ideally suits your specific business needs by…
Our professional staff provides premium expertise…
We would like to offer your company…

yo>U Call to action
What do they need to do next?
Lead the way for them.

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