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How to write flyers and brochures

How to write flyers and brochures

Flyers and brochures are ideal for promoting your business.

Flyers and brochures are ideal for promoting your business.

So what is the difference between a flyer and a brochure?

Both are promotional platforms designed to showcase the benefits of using specific products or services.

What do use when demands an understanding of the key differences between flyers and brochures.

Ideal for promoting upcoming events, flyers are A4 billboard posters displayed in public venues to attract the interests of passerbys.

Brochures provide more comprehensive information in a folded form that can be distributed to individual customers or clients either in person or via the post.

Both mediums require a nice balance of a persuasive writing style and eye-catching designs to capture attention.

Distributing promotional material to prospective clients is a key aspect of marketing your products and services.

The majority of businesses and organisations use promotional material to outline their history, missions and achievements as well as provide information about upcoming activities and events for clients.

Both flyers and brochures are stand-alone documents that must never presume the reader has any prior knowledge of the product or service on offer.

Flyers should:

• Appeal visually
• Read as a single unit
• Be unfolded sheets that can be posted or circulated
• Promote a specific event
• Be short-lived
• Be inexpensive to produce

Brochures should:

• Read as a series of panels
• Be folded sheets designed to be circulated not posted
• Provide general information on products and services
• Have a longer shelf-life than flyers
• Relatively inexpensive to produce

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