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How to write professional website copy

How to write professional website copy

Click here for some handy hints on how to write effective website content.

Professional website content

Professional website content

The idea of launching a new website live is an exciting prospects for many businesses.

Creating a great looking website with lots of flashy images, bright colours and eye-catching designs certainly has the “wow” factor.

But many people short change themselves on the content and closer inspection often reveals that the content fails to do justice to the product or service being offered.

It is critical to invest the same amount of time, money and energy to promoting your key messages to prospective clients in writing.

Word length

It is about striking the correct balance between demonstrating relevance to the visitor as well as providing enough information for them to take the next step.

Unfortunately, most websites fall into the trap of being too wordy which turns many visitors off reading the material.

Remember the mantra….LESS IS MORE!!

The less your write, the more people will read.

Limiting your word volume makes it even more important to identify your key message on each page. The first sentence on every page must capture the reader’s attention by tapping in to their needs, dreams, fears or desires.


Placing website copy without drafting a plan detailing the best page to position certain information is like building a house without a blueprint.

Give some thought as to how a visitor is likely to navigate around your website to find relevant information.

The general rule of thumb being that if a person has to hunt for answers than you risk losing their business.

Keep it simple with a few obvious tags detailing your major products or services. Consider repeating the same information in different locations throughout your site to ensure maximum exposure.

Speak to your website develop about linking relevant pages together with stylish tabs etc.


Use simple language that reflects the general demographics of your likely audience.

Words can easily be tailored to ensure the same message is conveyed in either a personal tone or professional style accordingly.

In a nutshell, failing to publish persuasive website content detracts from the overall product.

Take that extra time or seek professional advice on how to write powerful website content to ensure your maximising the opportunities afforded by a website.

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