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Tapping into the creative process

Tapping into the creative process

Some guru (Einstein, I think!) once said: Creativity is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration.

I am often asked for advice on how I overcome writer’s block. I believe the solution is unique for every individual but essentially it is about tapping into your own private creative process.

For some that may mean mind-mapping and others visualisations. For me, it is an almost contradictory process involving both discipline and letting go. I find it very powerful to invest time in research and thinking about the relevant topic or issue only then to walk away and do something completely different and let the creative process take over. That may involve doing some exercise, washing the dishes or any other mundane repetitive activity that doesn’t require too much brain power.

While your conscious mind is distracted, your subconscious mind has an opportunity to shine, process your thoughts and come up with the idea, inspiration or clarity you are searching for. There is no definite turnabout time on when it delivers but I am generally both surprised and pleased by the results.

In the words of yet another guru (arguably): “You’ve gotta have faith”.

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