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Ten tips to writing a powerful cover letter

Ten tips to writing a powerful cover letter

Writing cover letters for job applications

Writing cover letters for job applications

While there remains little doubt you are the right candidate for the advertised position. But your first job is to sound convincing on paper.
Writing a great cover letter is critical to getting employers to read your resume and selection criteria, much less securing an interview.

A powerful cover letter sums up your key attributes, skills and experience in a nutshell form and outlines your suitability for the job.

As with all things, there are brick bats to avoid and bouquets to strive for when writing your cover letter.

Consider the following ten steps when writing a professional cover letter.

Ten tips to writing a powerful cover letter

1. Address the letter to a specific person

2. State which job you are applying for (including reference number if applicable)

3. Write a captivating introduction

4. Avoid jargon, lingo and rhetorical questions

5. Specify your skills & how they will help the company

6. Highlight key points in resume

7. Don’t be negative

8. Proof read thoroughly

9. Research the company & tailor your letter to match their core values

10. Tell them what you can offer them not what they can do for you

Cover letter sample

Dear (Mr/Ms + person’s surname),

Re: (name advertised position)

I would like to apply for the above position (job reference number) as advertised on-line at last week.

Explain why the job interests you
I am interested in securing a part-time position in my area of expertise which complements my other professional responsibilities.

Summarise career highlights
I worked as a career journalist for ten years in WA which included multiple stints on small rural and regional publications before graduating to the big league, namely The West Australian newspaper where I was employed as a senior court reporter.

Briefly outline qualifications
I possess a First-Class Honours degree in Media and Communications and was awarded a scholarship to pursue a PHD at the UNSW which is currently on hold.

Detail your current position/ role/ responsibilities

In 2009, I established my own freelance writing business called GAPS Professional Writing Services as a professional copywriter and business writing consultant.

I advised clients on preparing annual reports, prospectuses and tender submissions as well as marketing material using a variety of media avenues, including websites, flyers/brochures and social media platforms.

I also have worked as a sessional media tutor at a range of tertiary institutions since 2004 and presently teach journalism units at Deakin University at Burwood.

Call to action
I would welcome an opportunity to attend an interview and discover more about the advertised position.

Sign off
Yours sincerely,

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