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Business writing
Writing an effective client business letter

Writing an effective client business letter

Much like an essay, the key to writing a business letter to prospective or existing clients boils down to planning a structure that draws the reader in by capturing their attention before driving home the main message.

Simply use the powerful AEIOU formula as a handy guideline to writing business letters that will be read.

Captivating layout

Ensure the layout and design of the letter remains visually pleasing.

Use minimum 12-point font (recommend Arial, Times Roman, Calibri or Perpetua)
Align the text to the left, use 1.15 line spacing and treat each sentence as a new paragraph.


Identify need

Secure interest in the first instance to ensure people read your material by asking a question or creating a desire.

Leading companies recognise the importance of…
Profitable businesses cannot afford to ignore…


Provide solution

Quantify how businesses may benefit from your product or service or be harmed by failure to take action.

We offer personalised advice on…
Our expert sales team can show you how to…


State purpose of the letter

State how your product or service can resolve their problem in a simple and effective manner.

We would like to offer you…
As a valued client you are entitled to…


Call to action

What do they need to do next? Lead the way for them.

We will contact you to make an appointment…
Call our friendly staff today to find out more information…

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